American Idol: Six are In, Six More to Go



The second batch of contestants hoping for the top 12 spot was  given a shot to prove their worth last night. Tonight, three contestants has made it to the Top 12 and two  were a no-brainer – Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert. The third contestant was quite unexpected.

Kris Allen, who sang “Man in the Mirror” last night, also made it to the Top 12. Although Allen didn’t sing as bad as some of the American Idol hopefuls, he didn’t really bring the star power with his performance like Lambert and Iraheta did.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see that the power of wasn’t that strong any more as their bet, Nick Mitchell didn’t make it. It’s also refreshing that even though Allison and Kris wasn’t given enough limelight on Hollywood week, America saw their talent, enough to vote them into Top 12.

Did you Kris Allen deserved the spot? Or would you choose other hopefuls from last night’s performance?


  1. I loved the final 5 Idol group song last night. It was sad to see Aaron Kelly removed but I do believe the other contestants were better singers so he needed to go!


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