The Topless Lindsay Lohan “Might” Have a Role in New Warren Beatty Film ONLY IF…



Lindsay Lohan is making headlines – and this time, it’s not just because of her partying ways, or a fight with girlfriend Sam Ronson or her extra-thin body shape. Aside from her new provocative photos for Hedi Slimane (which you can see below), Lindsay Lohan is being offered a job for a Warren Beatty film. However, Lohan will only be cast in the movie if she agreed to Beatty’s “condition.”

Apparently, Mr. Beatty, who has a script he wants to star in and direct, wants Lindsay to live with him (or in one of his guest houses) throughout the duration of the filming. This is probably a smart idea, especially with her past reputation for being late on set and pulling unexpected absences particularly on “Georgia Rule.” Beatty can wake Lohan up himself.

After Lohan’s films “Georgia Rule” and “I Know Who Killed Me,” she can use a good script to re-start her languishing career. Lindsay Lohan reportedly believe that this is a chance of a lifetime and now that she’s happy, sober (?) and has no films lined up, but no confirmations if she has accepted the deal yet.

Do you think she’ll take the job?


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