Britney Spears Being Blackmailed by Her Dad?



Britney was just honored with her wax version at the Madame Tussauds in London, but new rumors about her off-screen life surfaces. A voice mail of Britney Spears has been leaked and JFX Online reports that the pop star said she is being blackmailed by her dad.

Some people have been doubting the interests of Jamie Spears after he was given permanent conservatorship over Britney’s life. Some even say that the pop star isn’t happy about her set-up, particularly when Brit’s dad has been given an increase in paycheck to a whopping $10,000 a month last December. With news that her dad and her old crew (including former manager Sam Lutfi and her ex-beau/bodyguard Adnan Ghalib) fighting over Britney, this rumor raises some suspicions.

According to JFX Online, they just heard three audio files of Britney Spears leaving a voice message to one unnamed business acquaintance last month. JFX transcribed the messages posted on their site:

In one of the messages, Britney is heard saying:

“I’ve been blackmailed by visitation with my babies by this Conservatorship.”

Britney sounds well, despite talking about being blackmailed with her visitation by her father! The feeling that I get from her tone is that she’s resolved to have this looming threat of denied visitation removed.

In the second message, Britney is heard saying:

“My father has threatened me several times, that… he’ll take my children away.”

It sounds to me that she is reiterating her most important concern, which is her visitation.

As I try to stay objective about all this, it’s hard to completely imagine the torture that Britney is being put through by her own father. Is it control that her father craves over her? Or is it the potential financial windfall from the upcoming Circus tour that he and his team of lawyers are trying to hold on to?

Despite this rumor, Britney continues to work on her upcoming tour and preparing for the video of her controversial song “If You Seek Amy.” Check out the video of Britney as she was honored at Madame Tussauds in London last Feb. 17.


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