ellen got john mayer and jen aniston to confess ‘sleepovers’


Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have been reported dating for the quite some time now, although they neither deny or admit to what or even if there is something between them, the two are often seen together.

Recently on Ellen, Ellen DeGeneres, accidentally got a confession out of John Mayer and Jenifer Aniston. While John was trying to draw a picture for the audience of how unique the interior of Jen’s house is, he found himself suddenly talking about being there late in the evenings. Not letting the opportunity pass, Ellen then slid in to ask John if there were ‘sleepovers’?

Admiting reluctantly, John answered : “Yeah there are sleepovers … Yes, yes there are.”

This is the closest that any of the two have admitted to them being ‘more than friends’.


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