How did Miley Cyrus Respond to Controversial Pics? By Wearing a T-shirt!


Already under the microscope, her every move watched and often even documented by the paparazzi that always trail behind her – Miley Cyrus is yet captured in one “these” said documentations of wild and questionable behavior.

After being criticized for a picture took with a group of friends that “seem” to mock their Asian friend, Miley Cyrus answers the media by wearing a shirt.

Seen here wearing a tshirt that says “Take A Picture it Would Last Longer”, one might ask is this girl for real or is this yet another desperate cry for attention. But maybe being in the spotlight, paparazos might just be blowing it out of proportion, it could quite just simply be youth and the young Miley Cyrus just expressing herself, having fun at the expense of those lenses that keeps following her.


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