Robert Pattinson Used to Model with His Underwear


Before Robert Pattinson became Cedric Diggory of Harry Potter or Edward Cullen of Twilight, he worked as a model. Apparently, Pattinson started his modeling career at age 12 and stopped by the time he reached sixteen. If you wanted to see him model, it’s your lucky day! Apparently, photos of the old Robert Pattinson shirtless has been released by Life & Style.

According to John-Paul Pietrus, the photographer who took photos of Robert back in 2003, “He was painfully shy and incredibly polite. He was a bit nervous too because I had him in some pictures with a girl. The shoot was based on swimwear from the 1930s. He had his shirt off, so some skin might have made him nervous.”

These black-and-white photos, which featured Robert Pattinson shirtless with only a scarf wrapped around his neck, appeared in the South China Morning Post magazine. Check out Robert Pattinson as a teen model below, or grab a copy of Life & Style on stands now.


  1. Ok… I love Twilight and Edward, but maaaaan. He looks GAY. I’m sorry, Rob. Oh, and another thing: STAY AWAY FROM JOE’S GIRL! He finally broke up with that basket case Taylor Swift, and he just found an acceptable girl. BACK OFF and go suck Kristen Stewart’s blood or something. 😉 I still love you, but come on, man!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  2. I wish I didn’t have say that…but…isn’t he?
    i mean… gay? luv Edward…like Rob but i’m not so sure he’s into girls…What a pity!!!!!

  3. could u get any hotter! ? ! im a huge huge fan of robert ! ( always will be ) but ive heard rumor that hes not goin 2 be in new moon bcuz of his fans ( like me ) hes sexy but i luv d way he loves bella ! its romantic but dangerous … every realtionship like theirs need some … pazazzzz! i also luv jacob black ( taylor l.) very much 2 ! i hope he stays in the movies !!!!!! it wouldnt be the same with out him ether !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i love him he looks sexy modeling under wear man will my friends get a kick out of this!

  5. JEDWARD OR WHAT!!! kinda irronic because of Jacob and Edward lol!! he really does look gay as much as i love him!! lol

  6. OMG. Rob dont you dare listen to them hatters you are the hottest guy that has ever played in a movie! I am so your biggest fan ever, I think you look good modeling in your underwear!!! your perfect to play EDWARD CULLEN,NO MATTER WHAT THEM HATTERS THINK. I Love You ..


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