Jennifer Aniston to Present at the Oscars, Look out Jolie!


The Oscars is right around the corner and presenters have been announced. This year, Jennifer Aniston will take the stage at the Academy Awards and has a surprise up her sleeves.

Apparently, Both Angelina Jolie and Aniston’s ex Brad Pitt are up for awards this year, so if Jennifer is scheduled to present any of the two, there might be some drama behind the scenes, or even aired live. Rumors are spreading like wildfire that the 39-year-old may be in a brave mood at the Oscars and either make Jolie look like a joke of the day, probably more embarassing than forgetting Jolie’s name, like what Kate Winslet did at the Golden Globes.

John Mayer, Jen’s 31-year-old beau, tells Star mag that he demanded Jennifer Aniston to take the gig, saying, “You’ve got to go. Why do you hide in this town? By presenting at the Oscars, you’ll tell the world: ‘I don’t care about Brad and Angie. I belong here, too.'”

Besides this, Mayer may just propose to Aniston when she turns 40 on Feb 11. If he does, she’ll have a good ol’ rock to show off at the awards. However, John Mayer replied when asked if he was planning to propose soon, “There will be a big story coming out of the Oscars that night—and it won’t be about the winners.”

The Academy Awards will air Sunday, February 22. Check out Jolie and Brad at the SAG Awards right after the jump..


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