Week 2 Idol Update: Kara DioGuardi Gets a Taste of Simon Cowell’s Wrath!


San Francisco’s auditions was pretty lame, but Louisville auditions had some promising singers sent off to Hollywood. Check out the detailed recap below…

Day 3 of Season 8 – Idol Goes to San Francisco

On day 3 of season 8, the people behind American Idol probably anticipated that their viewers would go down dramatically for the night, as they aired one of the most worst auditions in Idol history. The numbers did go down, but for those who watched Idol, I bet after watching the show that you thought it wasn’t worth it to have been stuck watching the FOX show instead of checking out Obama news. Unfortunately, there weren’t any exceedingly talented Idol hopefuls in San Francisco. The peak of the show? Simon and new judge Kara DioGuarding barking at each other.

The featured contestants, who were not-so-good (to put it lightly) included James Smith who tried to serenade Paula and Annie Murdoch who Simon thought was singing drunk. Only 11 golden tickets were given out, some of which given out of pity, like Valenzuela who paraded  his kids with cute little banners for support.

The hopefuls include Tatiana Del Toro, Jesus Valenzula, John Twiford, Allison Iraheta, Raquel Houghton, Adam Lambert and Kai Kalama.

Day 4 of Season 8 – Louisville Auditions

It was a breath of fresh air after watching Idol tonight after a very disappointing batch of singers last night. Several “worthy” singers made it to Hollywood, but Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell’s bickering continued on. In fact, Randy Jackson’s phrase of the week was “It’s like man versus woman up here.” Paula Abdul, however, just parroted Kara’s comments on the judges table. Will the judges keep these stunts throughout season 8?

Some of the not-so-lucky people who tried to audition include Mark Mudd who threatened the judges to “be careful in whatever you do,” the screeching Rebecca Garcia who sang “Before he cheats,” the America’s Next top Model fan Aaron Williamson and Ross Plavsik who sang “Cara Mia”.

There were a handful of promising singers in Louisville, one of which is Joanna Pacitti who previously had a record contract and had been in the music industry since age 11. The piano player Matt Giruad took his auditions with a Justin Timberlake vibe, while Simon commented that “Alexis Grace” had a “very commercial face” topped off with her voice. Lenesha Young, who sang a “current” song that she wrote, had the judges smiling with her “fun” lyrics. The rest who made it through include Brent Keith Smith,  Kris Allen, Felicia Barton, Ryan Johnson and Shera Lawrence.



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