Britney’s New Song “If U Seek Amy” Angers Parents


Britney Spears is in trouble. After winning two NRJ Awards for her Circus album, Britney is now facing a new controversy. Apparently, the Parents Television Council (PTC) is complaining about the lyrics found on Spears’ song “If You Seek Amy,” the third single from her album “Circus.”

The chorus goes: “All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin’ to, ‘If You Seek Amy. ” Although you wouldn’t notice it at first, the obscenity will show once you sing it out loud, wherein the “If you Seek Amy” part would sound like “F-U-C-K-Me”

Parents in Australia were the first to complain about the pop star’s song, but after this track became the 3rd single aired on radios, American parents soon followed and asked radio stations to stop playing the song from 6am to 10pm, citing that the song violates the broadcast indecency law.

Despite the complaints, “If You See Amy” debuted #92 on Billboard Pop 100 and digital sales of the song has reached 107,000 people. Britney Spears, however, is going back to the studio to rerecord the track and remove the “k” from the end of “seek,” making the title “If You See Amy,” which still pretty much sounds like “F-U-C Me.”

Why the PTC folks are complaining to the radio stations and NOT on obscene TV shows? We’ll never know…

More new pictures of Britney Spears from a photoshoot by Kate Turning below…


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