Ellen Finally Gets George Clooney on the Show


If you’re a fan of the Ellen DegGeneres show, you probably know about her campaign throughout the year to get George Clooney on the show. When Brad Pitt guested on the show, Ellen even asked for his help, which didn’t seem to help much.

When 2009 came, Ellen’s motto became “George is Mine in ’09”  and finally, she did get her man! George Clooney’s appearance is set to air on Monday.

Apparently, the secret to George Clooney finally guesting on Ellen came from a tip given by Noah Wyle, Clooney’s former co-star on ER. Wyle advised Ellen to invite Clooney’s childhood heroes – former CIncinnati Reds Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench on the show… and Ellen did!

Here’s a clip of Clooney’s Ellen appearance:


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