Where in the World Is Robert Pattinson?


Have you seen Robert Pattinson lately? Is he trying to grow his hair back before he makes a public appearance again? I applaud him from escaping the paparazzis, though he is the hottest young star in Hollywood since Twilight and is probably being hunted down by any media house around.

Apparently, in an interview with TeenMix, Robert Pattinson admitted that he can’t bear having his pictures taken. He says, “I don’t really like getting my photo taken, which is probably not a great thing if you are going to be an actor. I don’t really cope with it. I mean, I guess I’ve stopped, I just try to avoid places where I get photographed.”

Don’t you think he’s doing a good job not letting his picture taken? Last time Rob was seen, he was sporting a new shorter hairdo and was on his way to the airport, just in time for the holidays. But after a good 7 months promoting Twilight around the world, i guess a few weeks of hibernation can serve him well, so he can prepare for the New Moon shoot on March.

He also revealed on TeenMix that he still feels intimidated when attending public events like the Oscars, saying “Um, yeah, I am still nervous still going to events. I don’t really do much to deal with it, I just continue to freak out.”

Don’t you just love how dorky-and-sexy-at-the-same-time Rob is? Check out his pictures from Teen Mag below…



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