Pamela Anderson is Growing Up


Pamela Anderson seems like the party girl everyone knows, but she is still a mom of two, so there will always be a time for her sons. Just like yesterday when Pam Anderson took her son Dylan with his friends to the beach for some surfing. The former “Baywatch” babe looked like a typical mom, as she took a spot on the sand and watched over them from the distance.

Another contrary to popular belief, Pamela Anderson is into something productive. She has been reportedly handing out copies of “One Can Make a Difference” to everyone she knows, including President-Elect Barack Obama and current President George W Bush. She explained, “It’s a collection of 50 inspirational essays – not boring ‘strive to be better’ sayings, but real-life stories that are truly amazing.  Some of the essays had me crying… It has essays by a woman who started the first breast milk bank in India, a girl born without feet who now runs marathons, a man who saved kids in a South American village by starting a shoe drive for them. I’m sending a copy of the book to the Obamas and, what the hell, to Mr. Bush, too, since he’ll need ways to pass the time, because it is exactly the theme for our next White House: one can make a difference!”

Don’t you just think Pamela Anderson is growing up? Check out the pictures of Pam and the kids surfing in Malibu yesterday…
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