Twilight In Trouble?


In the cover of ‘Life & Style Weekly’, Robert Pattinson with his trademark hairdo smiles for the world to see. The issue promises the “Real Story” behind the accusations of the 22-year-old Rob Pattinson’s out-of-control partying and on-set love triangle.

A sneak-peak of the article was posted saying: “Since raking in more than $150 million at the box office during its first month, the vampire romance Twilight has catapulted its cast from relative obscurity to stardom. Now, about nine weeks before the sequel, New Moon, is set to start filming, a change in director, possible cast upheaval, lofty expectations and cast members’ problems dealing with sudden fame have everyone on edge.

Fans are reportedly upset about the sequel, ‘New Moon’, which will start filming soon. According to some of the cast members, there has been a lot of tension in the sequel, saying, “It’s a stressful time for them right now.” The feature even suggests that the Twilight stars (when Robert Pattinson enjoyed a long night at Teddy’s in Hollywood and Kirsten Stewart caught smoking pot) are dealing with the pressure by partying hard, which might affect their work.

What do you think? Is the sequel of Twilight really in trouble? Check out more pictures of the Twilight stars from another magazine shoot for Empire mag…


  1. In my opinion fame has taken quite a toll on every star I can think of…
    I just wish them good luck…and Im sure us twilight fans will not be let down.


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