Guy Ritchie Has a New Girl?


Guy Ritchie, who has just had a public divorce with Madonna, has been reportedly out and about enjoying his freedom with someone new – the millionaire Jemima Khan. According to reports, the two attended a London dinner party earlier this month at the home of PR Matthew Freud and again this weekend at Freud’s home for a Christmas party.

The 33-year-old Khan is a socialite daughter of Lady Annabel Goldsmith and the late financier Sir James Goldsmith. She married Pakistani cricket player Imran Khan in 1995 and had two sons. After the couple divorced in 2004, Khan was romantically involved with actor Hugh Grant.

However, a close to the director says the news that Ritchie is indeed having a relationship with Khan is not true. The insider says, “It’s not romantic, they are both with the same PR company and the two times they have been together recently were at work events.  They have always gotten along well and have known each other for years. Could they date in the future? I don’t know.  In the past they have only seen each other when they have been in relationships, so the thought of being romantic or dating has never had the opportunity to arise. Perhaps it will now, but there has been nothing yet.”

Check out Guy Ritchie on the set of his newest film, Sherlock Holmes…
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