Kevin Federline Can’t Stop Talking about ex-wife Britney


This time, Kevin Federline is talking to U.K.’s Hello! Magazine and he says, he’ll always “have a love for Britney”.

As Britney Spears is clearly having a good end-of-the-year, her ex Kevin Federline can’t stop talking about his life with the pop star and the future of their relationship.

After cashing in for a spread on People magazine, Federline is now telling Hello! Mag some personal revelations. He said, “I’ll always have love for Britney. I never left her. It’s just we were going through tough times… I’ll always love Britney; maybe not the same way that I did when I was in love with her.” When asked whether Federline ever thought about reconciling, he answered saying, “There were times when I was up and down about it, but I just figure that I’ve made all the right decisions.”

Federline also talks about his sons with Britney Spears and believes that his oldest son Preston picked up being kind-hearted from him. Although Federline has sole custody over their sons, he says he still has faith over Britney, saying, “I’m happy that they get to spend time with their mother. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I definitely feel like their mom is really, really important in their life and it is really working out well right now. I’m really, really proud of how far she’s come.”

Of all the months Federline had the chance to stand up for Britney Spears when the world watched and criticized her every move, one may ask… why would Kevin Federline speak up now when Britney’s starting to look healthy, happy and successful, instead of during her dark days?

Check out pictures of the spread from People magazine where Federline talks about his family…



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