Is there a Jonas Brother Going Solo?


Can this be true? The trio breaking up? So who’s going solo? Kevin, Joe or Nick?

To make it perfectly clear, the brothers made a post on their MySpace blog page Friday to ensure to their fans that no one’s going anywhere. The JoBro denied the false report from Star magazine (Star mag again?) where the publication reported that Kevin was quitting the band to go solo and make “adult music”.

At the brothers’ blog, they wrote:

“There is a rumor that one of us is leaving the group. Not true. We love what we are doing and hope to do it together for a long time.”

Meanwhile, the brothers also showed their excitement of being nominated for the ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy last Wednesday, posting on their blog, “We completely freaked out when they announced that we were one of the nominees. We STILL can’t believe it. The crew from our TV series, [JONAS], even threw us a party the following day congratulating us on the nomination.”

Check out pictures of Kevin and Nick Jonas shopping at the Christian Audigier store o December 2


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