Lindsay Lohan Blasts Break-up Rumor


On the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Lindsay Lohan opened up about her rumored relationship with Samantha Ronson, revealing to the magazine by saying, “I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m seeing. I think it’s no shock to anyone that it’s been going on for quite some time… She’s a wonderful person and I love her very much.”

Thanksgiving Day came, but Lindsay and Sam were seen in public celebrating the holiday in different places. Rumors began spreading that the couple has split, so to address the gossip, Lohan made a post on her blog saying, “Oy vey! rumors.. just to clear this up.. because i have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question. samantha ronson and lindsay lohan (me) are NOT breaking up,”

In the Harper’s Bazaar, she even said her family is really supportive, “It’s never really come up as an issue. We’re close; we’ve been through a lot. They’re supportive of me whether I’m with a guy or a girl. They’re just supportive of me as a person.”

There you have it folks! Lohan is still a lesbian and she’s still happy as she listens to The Turtles’ “Happy Together”. Check out Lindsay Lohan pictures and Samantha Ronson out at the Echo Club November 29.


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