Winona Ryder and the Missing $200,000 diamonds


Winona Ryder reportedly lost over $200,000 worth of diamonds, which were loaned to the actress for a red carpet event at the Marie Claire magazine party.

Ryder, who had a scandalous history of shoplifting, wore a Bulgari diamond ring and bracelet. According to reports, the diamonds have gone missing after Winona Ryder handed the jewelry over at the hotel staff in Madrid. After the expensive jewelry were reported missing, Bulgari execs immediately filed a police report.

Since the jewels were last seen on Ryder, speculations are roaming around that the diamonds may not be truly lost. Just a few days back, Winona made headlines after being hospitalized upon landing London. Some publications reported that she fell ill due to an overdose in tranquilizers, but these claims has yet to be confirmed.

After being convicted publicly in 2001 for shoplifting, spending 3 years of probation and serving 480 hours of community service, do you really think would go Winona Ryder back to her old ways?

Check out more photos of Winona at the Marie Claire event with the missing jewels…

Photo Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe


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