Angelina to Replace Tom Cruise In Yet Another Spy Movie


Angelina Jolie is doing another spy movie. This time, she will replace Tom Cruise in the thriller, “Edwin A. Salt”.

In an interview with BBC Radio Monday, Angelina Jolie talks about her newest film and was quoted saying, “I’m working on a film called Salt. And it’s with [Bone Collector director] Phillip Noyce. And that’s it.”

Rumors have started to pop up starting August that Jolie was being asked for the role since Cruise dropped out. The writers reworked the lead character to be female. Jolie will be portraying a CIA officer falsely accused of being a Russian agent.

Although Jolie said she’ll start working in February, she also said she won’t  be working for a year after that and is planning to fade away from acting. Do you think Angelina Jolie had a good run? Is it time for her to retire? Check out the latest pictures of Jolie


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