Paris Hilton Still Hanging Out With BFF Rejects


The filming of My New BFF show, Paris Hilton’s newest show, has wrapped up and a winner has already been chosen. However, Hilton is still hanging out with some of the contestants.
Friday, the heiress was caught hopping a flight to Miami with potential BFFs Brittany, Lauren and Vanessa. Paris and her new friends were on their way to South Beach, reportedly to attend the Victoria Secret soiree.

According to the people who saw Paris at LAX, she was nothing but a diva as she sat on the floor while eating Egg McMuffins, but as soon as she boarded her first-class seat on the plane, she switched into her normal self – using her own pink blanket while she read a stack of tabloids with sunglasses on. But as she landed in Miami, no paparazzi were there to greet the heiress with cameras, but I don’t think she was disappointed. Besides, the paps only miss her once in a blue moon.

Look at how normal Paris can look when she wants to. Check out the pictures from her LAX arrival..


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