Joe Jonas Has a New Girlfriend


Photo by: Paul Morigi / WireImage, Jordan Strauss / WireImage

After the famous 25-second breakup 19-year-old Joe Jonas made as he ended his relationship with the country music sensation Taylor Swift, he has recovered from the bashing of Swift fans. Apparently, according to People mag, the pop star is now dating 10,000 BC star 22-year-old Camilla Belle.

7 months back, Joe Jonas was interviewed openly admitting that he loves Camilla Belle. (See the video below)

A source told the magazine, “He began dating her soon after ending his relationship with Swift and the two first met when she appeared in The Jonas Brothers music video for “Lovebug”.  All the guys always had thought she was really pretty and that’s why they asked her to be in it.”

The source went on saying that both Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle are private about their new found relationship and have just been hanging out with their friends and with the 2 other Jonas brothers.

Both reps from Jonas and Belle had no comments made about the issue.



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