amy winehouse without makeup and with a new ‘do


If you’ve been following Amy Winehouse, you know exactly how she wants her hair and makeup – with the trademark beehive-of-a-hairdo and the distinctive inappropriate extended eyeliner that reaches her eyebrows. Well, she’s still got a huge curly hair do, but it looked shampooed and clean. Her face looks fresh and she’s smiling.

As it seems that she’s about to split from junkie husband Blake Civil, it just makes sense that a new look can complement her new life. revealed that Winehouse has called her lawyers in to make sure that her £10million fortune won’t be anywhere near Blake, who was recently released from jail and is now completing a rehab program.

The singer was pictured at her home in Camden, North London. She later re-emerged to offer the paparazzi who were waiting outside some cheese on toast. See pictures of Amy’s new look (below).

Picture by: Splash News


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