American Idol Clears Issue about Josiah Leming’s New Album


If you’re an American Idol fan, you’ll remember Josiah Leming, who was living in his car when he auditioned for season 7 and made it to the semi-finals. Well, I bet he has his own flat now, especially that he’s free to release his own album.

A few weeks back, some rumors spread online that Leming can’t release his album due to a contract he signed with American Idol and that the show was threatening legal action against Leming should he pursue the release of his album. Today, MTV News reported that American Idol had no intention of stopping Leming’s album release since the contract has expired months ago. A rep for 19 Entertainment (American Idol) tells MTV that the contract Lemings signed gives Sony/BMG exclusive rights for 3 months only and “if the contestant is in danger of losing a recording contract because of that, [19] generally will allow them out of their contract.”

As it turns out, both 19 Entertainment and Josiah Leming has no idea about the alleged issue.

Leming’s Reprise debut with the tiitle “They Say” will be released soon.


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