Charlize Theron & Nicole Kidman – a couple?


Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron – both Oscar winners for separate movies where they played lesbian characters, are now set to star in a movie as a married couple.

The Danish Girl is a movie set in the 1920s, which is based from the 2000 best-selling novel about real-life Danish artists Einar and Greta Wegener. The story features a husband (Einar) and wife (Greta) who shocked the world through art and gender. Einar, which will be played by Kidman, posed as a woman in the painting of his wife Greta (Theron). The finished portrait became a big deal in Copenhagen, making Greta encourage her husband to dress as a woman, but by 1931, Einar took his role to another level and took a sex-exchange operation, shocking the entire world.

Many men would probably think this film would feature a girl-on-girl scene. Can Kidman pull it off as a man? I think she’s too gorgeous for that role… What do you think? Look at the pictures of the two actresses and tell me honestly if they’d make a cute couple…


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