Kim Kardashian and BF Bush Fights Over Politics


Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Reggie Bush are both Barack Obama supporters, but on election night, the couple found themselves in a heated political debate. Yes, you heard read that right. Kim Kardashian doesn’t just talk about hair, makeup, boys and herself.

“Reggie and I had this two-hour long conversation at the end of the night. We got so carried away that we had to call his mom. We had to call my mom, it ended up in this huge conference call,” Kardashian told PEOPLE after Wednesday’s Dancing with the Stars taping.

“We were going off on tangents about politics, different theories, the Bible. It was pretty intense, but then we passed out,” she added.

Imagine that! Not only did Kim Kardashian, the girl who does nothing and earns millions, talks about the Bible, but also “debates” about Politics. Look at the pictures of these couples below and tell me honestly, are you buying Kim’s story?



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