Paris Hilton Talks about Obama


Remember Paris Hilton’s video where she responded to McCain’s use of her name on one of his campaign clips? In the video, McCain compared Obama to Paris Hilton, so the heiress decided on recording a spoof video where she bids to become a fake president and her first order of business would be to paint the White House pink. Well, right then and there you’ll know who the heiress was planning to vote for.

Although Paris lost her chances of becoming the US president, she’s happy for the President-elect Barack Obama.

In an interview with People at the premiere of her movie, “Repo! The Genetic Opera in Las Vegas”, Paris was quoted saying that the “best man won”.

“I’m so thrilled. I love Barack and I think he’s amazing. The world is definitely a better place now. There’s a lot of change and a lot of hope coming. That’s a very good thing.”

Who would’ve thought Paris cared about Politics? See pictures of her patriotism below..


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