Ali Lohan Wants a BMW


For a young girl often accused of trying hard to become an adult, 14-year-old Ali Lohan revealed that she already has a car picked out and she’s learning how to drive.

In an interview with Life & Style, Lohan says, “I’m so excited (about turning 16). I always ask my mom, ‘Can I drive your car in the parking lot?’ And she’s like, ‘No.’”

The younger sister of Lindsay has another two years before she can obtain a driver’s license, but she told the mag she already set her eyes on a car, “I want a BMW truck!”

Just recently, Ali Lohan filed paperwork at the L.A. County Superior Court for a work permit, allowing her to record with Maloof Productions, the same production company responsible for her reality show, “Living Lohan”.

There’s a reason why people accuse Ali Lohan of trying to grow up too fast and despite having to ask for permits to work and record music, she’s still wants to do grown-up stuff too quickly. Besides, isn’t a BMW too expensive for a practice car?


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