Simon Cowell: Britney Spears Has a Shot to be the Biggest Star in the World Again


According to ‘News of the World’, Britney Spears is set to perform on the popular UK Show, “The X Factor”. Simon Cowell was asked for a statement about Spears’ performance and the American Idol Judge confirmed that the pop star Spears would definitely be performing on November 15.

Simon told News of the World, “I’m really excited about it, because she’s got her act together now and the new record’s terrific. She’s come back from a very dark place and is a great artist.”

Cowell is popular for his truthful, yet dream-smashing remarks on the American Idol, but he usually knows real talent from the wannabes and if Britney can maintain her spirits up even if she’s fighting to get her kids back, her fans would be soon back on their feet cheering for Britney.


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