First Day of James Bond in Britain Earns $8M


The latest addition to the James Bond films has just debuted in Britain on Friday with a whopping 4.94 million pounds for its first day alone.

“Quantum of Solace”, which stars Daniel Craig, has beat “Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire” that previously held the record for an opening-day ticket sales of 4 million pounds in 2005. The last Bond movie in 2006 only had a record of about 3 million pounds for its first day, a huge improvement to yesterday’s record and that’s a pretty good reason for Columbia Pictures to celebrate.

“Casino Royale”, the last Bond film and Craig’s first James Bond appearance, was a huge success, earning a massive $594 million globally. As “Quantum of Solace” opens to Canada and U.S. theaters on November 14, be prepared for weeks of James Bond frenzy.

I’m not much of a fan of Bond flicks, but I look forward to Daniel Craig’s performance in the film. He does have some amazing action scenes in Casino Royale and yeah, the Bond girls are always eye-candy sexy.


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