Paris Hilton Demoted


Looks like Average Joe isnt the only one taking a pay cut through these hard economic times. Apparently, Paris Hilton, who used to earn an average of $115,000.00 for showing up at an opening or nightclub premier has been downgraded to a mere $40,000.00 – Could it be the economy? Or, could it be that people are coming to their senses about what a true waste of money that is hiring this ever-tardy heiress to make an appearance?

Although $40,000.00 is nothing to sniff at, this is nowhere what Paris is used to being paid. Sources say that she feels she warrants more than this meager payday.

Life is truly hard for this heiress, who is forced to truly work for this money with strict requirements that entails her actually being at the event for two hours. Since when is $20,000.00/hour a bag wage? I guess if you area hilton born with a platinum spoon in your mouth, it truly is?

Does this mean that we can predict more celebutante TV shows in the future? Only time will tell.



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