Madonna and A-Rod’s Secret “Meeting”


The New York Post reported that both Madge and A-rod took off in separate private helicopters last week for a top-secret rendezvous at Jerry Seinfeld’s 12-acre estate.

A-Rod, who just faced a public divorce, flew by chopper to East Hampton, where a Porsche 911 picked him up. The car matched Jessica Seinfeld’s white Porsche. Within the same hour, a helicopter landed at the Chelsea Piers where Madonna landed and was fetched by Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche. A witness told the Post that Jerry and Madonna headed back to Seinfeld’s place.

As it turns out, the Seinfelds have been a close friend of Madonna’s for years since they were neighbors on the West Side. However, the reason why Jessica and Jerry fetched Madonna and A-Rod separately remains unclear. To keep the paparazzi guessing, i assume? Or to make their lives ala-James-Bond-film and keep their meeting a bit exciting? I guess we will never know.

There are no details about what A-Rod and Madge did during their 4-hour visit to the Seinfeld’s, but a dark SUV left the house and took all of them back to the airport. Jerry, Jessica and Madonna all piled into the copter that had taken Madonna there a few hours back, but A-Rod left on his own copter alone.

Well, this news is not all that shocking, but the way Madonna and Alex Rodiguez hooked up at the Hamptons for only four hours is just like a scene from an spy action-filled film. You think these two celebrities would keep their meetings low-profile, but then again, all this sneaking up just makes the spotlight turn to them more.

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