Britney Spears’ Dad to Handle All Her Finances Indefinitely


Britney Spears hasn’t had her head shaved or caused major headlines lately, making her seem to have undergone outstanding recovery in the public eye, but it seems that she still needs all the help she can get… and permanent conservatorship is necessary.

On Tuesday afternoon, lawyers of the 26-year-old pop princess asked that the temporary co-conservatorship, which was supposed to end by December 31, be made permanent. L.A. superior court commissioner Riva Goetz approved the request, giving Britney’s dad Jamie long-term control over her estate, assets, business and other financial affairs. Along with this court-ordered decision, a team of medical experts will also monitor Britney’s mental health as closely as possible. The order will remain active until the pop star has shown complete and stable recovery. reported that Spears’ legal team felt that a permanent conservatorship could help Britney visit her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James more often and possibly increase her chances of re-gaining custody.

If all things went as Britney’s lawyers have planned, the permanent conservatorship can make the family commissioner feel at ease giving Spears another chance to get her sons back, knowing that Britney is being cared for appropriately. However, other legal experts have said that since Britney’s lawyers admitted that Spears was unfit to look after herself, she may lose her chances of getting full custody of her boys, who currently live with their father, Kevin Federline.

As though she had none of her own court-related problems to think about, Britney had also been requested by former manager Johnnie White to testify in a Florida court. In late 2007, White sued Britney over unpaid royalties. Although attorneys for Spears declined to comment on the singer’s current condition, they were quick to act in filing an emergency motion for a protective order, successfully stopping Spears from being forced to testify in Florida.

After her public meltdown in 2007, Britney is keeping herself busy as she fights to be back at top spot. Can she make it through all the obstables she’s facing? We’ll see…



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