Amy Winehouse Released from the Hospital


Amy Winehouse, who has had plenty of publicity due to her drug-using ways, scary pictures, caught-in-the-act video of smoking crack and health problems, was hospitalized several times this year. In August, she was hospitalized due to emphysema from smoking crack; In September, she had a bad reaction to medication and last week, she had a chest infection. She’s back home from a London hospital, and is supposedly “doing fine”.

Meanwhile, a British couple (Johnny Blagrove and Cara Burton) who has been supplying drugs to the Grammy-winning singer and other celebrities has pleaded guilty Friday, confessing to supplying Winehouse with ecstacy and cocaine. These two dealers are also responsible for selling the notorious video of Winehouse smoking crack to the UK tabloid, “The Sun”, which the newspaper published in January.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Blagrove and Burton on November 28.

Winehouse’s rep Tracey Miller told E! News that the singer is now home stating, “All has been completed and she is fine.”

The poor thing only quit her drug habit when her body was clearly too weak for more abuse (See pictures of Winehouse’s dark days below). Winehouse’s Fans are afraid the singer will lose all her teeth, but that’s not all Amy Winehouse should worry about. If her emphysema returns, she may never sing again. So much talent will just be put to waste.



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